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Soil Nail Retention, Slope & Soil Stabilization

Temporary and Permanent Shotcrete Placement Applications

Since 2009 Curtis Concrete Pumping (CCP) has provided road, bridge, utility and other infrastructure contractors with reliable and professional shotcrete shoring placement services throughout the State of Texas.  Our team consists of experienced concrete trailer pump operators, American Concrete Institute (ACI) certified shotcrete nozzlemen and sculpting / finishing crews. CCP services are tailored for contractors who have prepared the receiving surface of an earth retention system and are ready for shotcrete placement.

Shotcrete Placement for Soil Nail Retention Walls

CCP is an experienced shotcrete placement contractor for soil nail wall systems. Once a soil nail wall is prepared, CCP’s team of shotcrete specialists place or “shoot” the concrete material onto the receiving surface. Our team is available to mobilize for any length of time – multi-day / week projects to individual, daily mobilizations after each new section of the wall has been prepared and is ready for the shotcrete process.

A soil nail wall system is a method of earth retention commonly implemented during construction by road / bridge, and commercial building contractors. Excavation is performed in 5-6 feet levels. Soil nails are then drilled into the newly-created wall. After these nails are grouted into the drill holes they are strength tested to ensure proper installation. The shotcrete layer is then applied to the reinforcement, creating a temporary wall during construction. The process begins again with the next 5-6 foot excavation. Typically, the final product includes a cast in place, structural wall that is installed in front of the soil nail wall.

Shotcrete Shoring, Slope and Soil Stabilization

Call CCP for any erosion control shotcrete placement application. Inclusive of soil nail systems as described above, CCP offers our service for all types slope, or soil, stabilization. Whether temporary or permanent in nature, CCP stands by to get the job done safely and efficiently.