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Shotcrete Placement Contractor
Swimming Pools, Aquatic Centers, Water Features, Water Parks, Fountains

Curtis Concrete Pumping (CCP) is an experienced shotcrete contractor for swimming pools and other aquatic features. CCP has the resources to place shotcrete for residential swimming pool contractors and multi-day commercial pool projects. Service includes concrete pumping equipment, pump operator, shotcrete nozzleman and optional placement crew. Schedule your volumetric or ready-mix concrete vendor in preparation for our wet-mix shotcrete application.


CCP has years of experience with all types of shotcrete applications. Our construction crews include experienced shotcrete pump operators, skilled shaping and finishing crews, reliable shotcrete pump equipment and even American Concrete Institute (ACI) certified shotcrete nozzlemen.


A professional shotcrete contractor’s service always begin before the shot. Pools, water features, water parks and fountains are very artistic in nature. Pre-construction procedures with all parties ensure a safe working environment and an intimate understanding of the desired project.  These procedures include a safety orientation, site condition review and an overall understanding of the plan set with the contractor and/or architect.


American Shotcrete Association’s (ASA) Pool and Recreational Shotcrete Committee
Position Statement #1: Compressive (Strength) Values of Pool Shotcrete
Positon Station #4: Watertight Shotcrete for Swimming Pools