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Soil Nail Wall Shotcrete Placement

Wet Mix Shotcrete Placement for Soil Nail Earth Retention System

May 2014 – Curtis Concrete Pumping (CCP) begins work as shotcrete subcontractor on a Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot) highway expansion project in Northwest San Antonio.

The project includes the construction of two turn-around (U-turn) lanes from both sides of the overpass. The soil nail wall earth retention system was prepared in advance of CCP’s arrival by excavating, nailing and reinforcing in 5-6 foot levels. CCP re-mobilized on an as-needed daily basis to keep pace with the project, thus saving the contractor time and money. Once shotcrete was placed, the contractor began excavation of another 5-6 foot level and the temporary shotcrete shoring process continued.

Approximately 30-40 yards of shotcrete was placed each day. Variables included concrete ready mix scheduling and moving shotcrete equipment between several areas within the construction site. The soil nail wall was specified to be left as a nozzle finish. A final, structural, cast in place (CIP) wall will eventually be installed over the shotcrete shoring.

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