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CCP in Austin’s Construction News

CCP in Austin’s Construction News

Curtis Concrete Pumping Highlighted in Austin’s Construction News

May 25, 2010
Curtis Concrete Pumping highlighted in Austin’s Construction News monthly publication.

Construction News article, “Brothers In Concrete“.

AUSTIN, TX – Curtis Concrete Pumping (CCP) encompasses two brothers, eight employees and a mutual passion for business, concrete and skate parks. Yann Curtis and his brother, Jamie Curtis, have been in business together since 2006. They both graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and have been working as entrepreneurs in some form since they were in high school.

“Working with my brother is a special relationship. Not many people can be as close as we are. We get along great. It started out rough when we were kids. We have the same vision and it works out really well now,” Yann Curtis said.

The brothers first started out building skate parks with their business, SPA Skateparks, but they have expanded with Curtis Concrete Pumping. Though they both have a love for skateboarding and building skate parks, they realized they could do much more.

“We decided not to limit ourselves to skate parks,” Curtis said.

With the capacity to use trailer pumps, they want to focus on elevated areas or behind buildings where boom pumps can’t reach, Yann said.

Aside from work, Yann is on the board of directors for the Young Men’s Business League, a fundraising and networking organization for the supporters of Austin Sunshine Camp.

The brothers also enjoy playing soccer, fishing and camping.

Located in Austin, Curtis Concrete Pumping has capabilities for insulated concrete forms, foundations and retaining walls. –km

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